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Chevy Silverado Apocalypse: 4 Men, a Dog, and Twinkies


During the Super Bowl commercials you probably saw the Chevy Silverado Apocalypse commercial, but here it is again for any of you who may have missed it. This commercial featured the Chevy Silverado- America’s longest lasting truck. In the commercial you see a desecrated Earth. There is mass destruction everywhere and no signs of life until you see headlights glowing through the rubble.

It is a Chevy Silverado being driven by a man with a friendly looking dog in the back seat. They approach an area with 3 other Silverados are parked. The man gets out of his vehicle and asks “Where is Dave?” A glum looking man says “Dave didn’t drive the most long lasting, dependable truck on the road. Dave drove a Ford.” The men look sad momentarily then proceed to eat some Twinkies.

I recently posted this video (I think it is very clever) to our Facebook page and one man pointed out that if the end of the world consisted of  4 men, twinkies, and a dog, he would rather die. Fortunately for you I am here to say that would not be the case. There are many women out there who drive Silverados. I am one of them!

Trucks are not just for men anymore. This is actually my “family” vehicle. I have three small children and use this truck for everyday commuting. I replaced an SUV for my Silverado and couldn’t be happier. I was a little concerned at first about lack of space; however, there is room to spare in my Silverado. With 3 seats in the back and 3 in the front, I can fit 6 people comfortably. What about storage space? With the addition of a Tonneau cover you have a waterproof storage space for all your goodies.

I tote around 3 children under the ages of 6, 2 car seats, a booster seat, a double stroller, and a diaper bag and have no issues with my Silverado. Therefore, in addition to the men, Twinkies, and dogs, you will see a women, her three kids, and her stroller emerging from the rubble as well.

If you are a women who drives a Silverado, what is your favorite feature?