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The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is More than You Think

The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid gives drivers more for their money when it comes to fuel efficiency.  It gets 33 percent more mileage per tank of gas over non-hybrid models while still offering the roominess and capability customers look for in a full-size SUV.  With seating for up to eight people and a towing capacity of up to 6,200 pounds on 2WD models, the Tahoe Hybrid is a strong bet.


The Tahoe Hybrid features GM’s advanced Electrically Variable Transmission (EVT) and 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System (ESS).  They work together with the standard 6.0L V-8 gasoline engine with Active Fuel Management (AFM) and late intake valve closing (LIVC) technology to enable the Tahoe Hybrid’s efficient performance.  This system allows the Tahoe to launch and drive up to 30 mph on electricity alone while also allowing the gas engine to operate in its economical V-4 mode for longer periods.


The EVT is designed to give the Tahoe the best combination of city and highway fuel economy.  It is an all-purpose system that is well-suited to providing excellent economy and full-size SUV passenger-carrying, cargo-hauling, and trailer-towing capabilities.


One of the main reasons for the Tahoe Hybrid’s fuel efficiency is the gasoline engine’s Auto Stop mode.  When the Tahoe is cruising between 0 and 30 mph, the gas engine may be automatically shut down.  Leaving the engine off and allowing the vehicle to operate under only electric power up to 30 mph greatly reduces fuel consumption.


The regenerative braking system works together with the hydraulic braking system.  It uses a brake pedal emulator that provides progressive resistance as the pedal is depressed.  This gives the brake pedal a feel that is much like that of a standard hydraulic braking system.


Inside the Tahoe Hybrid is a gauge cluster that includes a special tachometer that incorporates an Auto Stop position just above the 0 rpm mark that shows drivers when the gasoline engine is in shut down mode.  An analog economy gauge helps the driver maintain the most efficient style of driving.


In the middle of the center stack, the standard navigation system’s 6.5-inch full-color VGA display doubles as a monitor that shows a graphic representation of the hybrid drivetrain’s power flow.  It informs the occupants how the system is sending power to the wheels from the ESS/electric motors, the gasoline engine, or both.  The screen also shows reverse electrical flow during regenerative braking.


Shoppers who are looking for a hybrid, full-size SUV will find that the Tahoe Hybrid offers all of the features of a traditional SUV with all of the savings of a hybrid.  Check one out at Lake Country  and see why the Tahoe Hybrid is the best in its class.